This is Not a Race Report.

I never meant to take it this far... But I got excited following along with the Western States Twitter coverage in June and was already doing big miles with my friends who were training for AC100, so I let it happen. 100 miles in one shot. I'm pretty sure I manifested the Midstate Massive Ultra... Continue Reading →

Thank You, Espo.

This letter has been ruminating in my head for years...I've just been waiting for the right time to write it, which is now. Dear Espo, You might not realize the impact you made on my life 20 years ago but it was, in a word, monumental. From the bottom of my heart, from my entire... Continue Reading →


Team. It's a word I've been connected with since I started playing t-ball at age 4. It's a source of friendship, of pride, of working together towards a common goal. I have vivid memories of being part of a team growing up, acting as a unit. They're some of my most cherished thoughts when I... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Easy.

It's never easy to get out there, day after day, mile upon mile, hour upon hour. It's not easy to say, "No," to your friend, "I'm waking up at 5am tomorrow to run." Or to realize your priorities are different than they used to be. Or to have someone demand you pick between them and... Continue Reading →

A moment to reflect

June has come and I have closed the book on my 2018-2019 racing season. 8 races, the most I have done in a season for a LONG time: Chimera 20m - win (CR by default of it being the first year) San Joaquin 100k - win (CR) Resolution Relay 6k - 2nd co-ed team Firecracker... Continue Reading →

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