A moment to reflect

June has come and I have closed the book on my 2018-2019 racing season.

8 races, the most I have done in a season for a LONG time:
Chimera 20m – win (CR by default of it being the first year)
San Joaquin 100k – win (CR)
Resolution Relay 6k – 2nd co-ed team
Firecracker 5k – 2nd (PR!)
Antelope Canyon 50m – win
Into the Wild Fremont Canyon 28k – win (CR)
Griffith Park Trail Marathon Relay – we crushed, I ran two strong legs
Pasadena Trail 50k Relay – win (CR by default of it being the first year)

How awesome is that? I can’t believe there are so many CRs up there. I can’t believe I had such a badass time running relays (LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. MORE PLEASE)! I can’t believe I’ve managed to contain the awful race anxiety I’ve gotten in the past. I’m really happy about it all.

I’m super stoked about my training programs doing what I wanted them to. I don’t have a coach because I need to make sure it remains fun – the amount of pressure I put on myself to improve is plenty. So I develop my own plans (I am a certified coach anyway). It’s nice to see it all come together so nicely.

For the next three months, I’ll be living the good life of training without a clock or race on my back. I am SO excited for it (though it’s too bad it lines up with bikini season). I think it’s super important to give yourself an offseason. It’s hard out here in LA, you think because we have such lovely weather, we might as well just keep it up. But pushing and pushing and pushing and never giving yourself a little mental break is something I could see leading to a breakdown – both physically and mentally. I want to love running forever – it’s not a sprint, it’s an 80-year ultra run – so this is how I do it.

I’ll be writing more here I’m sure and offering tons of advice if anyone ever wants it! (@onthejumbotron – I’m always happy to chat via IG)

Now…not that I’m an IPOS but time to head out on my bike.

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