Run Report

The trails today were amazing. I didn’t know if I would be able to stick with the plan (20ish miles)…being outside in hard rain for 4 hours was intimidating from my warm car at 8am. But I started and caught a good beat a few miles in. I had zero intension of pushing today – partially because it was a longer day, partially because yesterday was a big day of volunteering at the Verdugos 50k, and partially because I knew the trails weren’t going to be perfect.

Passed the New Basin Blues crew starting at 4ish. I thougt/hoped I would, just to get some hellos and hi fives in. On a super fun note, I was recognized on the trail by someone I didn’t know but who is in my running world, “Onthejumbotron, congrats on Run with Us!” That was super cool. Saw another friend at the hub and we chatted for a few.

THEN the real work came. Backbone was quiet, I didn’t see a soul down there. Not surprised, that section takes a bit to get to and it has enough hills that I knew I’d be running in rivers, which I did. Also ran through some small ponds 😂 . Seeing them when you turn the corner, that’s the point in your run when you have to accept that you’re going to be complety wet for the next few hours. My jacket, Salomon Lightning, had kept the rest of me dry, but once you have to run through 50ft of puddle, you give in.

I spent a bit of time on backbone but instead of dropping into Will Rogers, I head to Murphy, down a pretty technical, gnarly drop down. When I got TO Murphy, that always empty riverbed was ROARING! It was crazy! Climbed up to the road after that, not taking chances with the river overtaking more trails. Head down that, through the neighborhood, through Palisades Park past the pier ended at the beach.

I feel so accomplished right now. It’s a weird feeling to be unphased by the idea of running 21.5 miles (the distance,at least. Running 21.5 in rain got me on the potential for being cold). I treated myself to a pair of $10 pants at H&M, which I think I really earned. Balancing that with taking the metro and lyfting to my car instead of just that $40 Lyft.

Reflecting on it all, it feels like the first time I was dialed in on both fueling AND attire. Noshed my Stinger chews before heading off (4), at 10 (2), and at 12 (2). Noshed my salted caramel waffle at 14.5 when I got up to the Sullivan Canyon road and was good for the last 7, just paying attention to my hydration. The jacket came on and off a few times throughout my run. I wore my RWU visor, and I’m so relieved I had it and not a full hat. I think it’s one of the last times I really needed to incorporate into my running attire because it really helps me from getting overheated.

Feeling great, not even cold, and feing like I’ve crushed today. And maybe this weekend.

Stoked for rest day tomorrow though 😁

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