Why I’m Not on Strava

It seems like every time I meet a new runner, the first second question they ask is, “Are you on Strava?” (The first question is “Do you know <insert runner’s name here>)

They always seem confused when I respond that I’m not. She runs FAST, she runs FAR, she has been running FOREVER – how is she not on Strava? WHY?

It usually turns into a long-winded conversation in which I end up rambling on and on about the many reasons why I don’t fangirl over the app. It’s just not for me is all:

  1. Pace doesn’t matter to me most of the time (I don’t usually look at splits)
  2. I don’t think training should be a competition
  3. Seeing other peoples’ times creates standards I don’t want to be tied to
  4. Other people seeing my times creates added pressure/anxiety on my training

To be honest, I’d love to debate AGAINST using it just as much as my peers would like to debate FOR using it. But I know that it provides great motivation for a lot of people so whatever works, right? Support is the name of the game.

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