Day in the Life, version injured (Day 12)

I probably should have done this earlier, writing it down rather just tracking what I’ve done in my head, but better late than never. I’m on Day 12 of my folding to injury (I think they call this resting).

Days 1-11 included a lot of yoga but, after talking with a PT, I’m cutting back on it. I’ve mostly taken vinyasa classes and some hatha ones, which are strength-based (which is good) but I was reminded that too much stretching can be bad for a strained tendon. Cutting back, regardless. The first 11 days also included some light walking, which I’ve also have removed (good to take off that watch, those goal steps are persuasive), stationary bike (Day 9-10), and elliptical (Day 11). Which brings me to today:

Day 12

5:55 – Wake-up. Was out late last night for trampled by turtles show, so slept in a half hour

6:05 – Get out of bed, holding breath that the first step feels good. Walks to bathroom, without pain but assumes it is a few lucky steps

6:20 – 3 Sun salutations and light dynamic warmup (leg swings, lunges)

6:30 – Elliptical, 4 miles on at a 7:56 pace, 1 mile easy. Lots of sweat. Followed by 10 minutes of core, followed by light weight lifting (FYI I prefer bodyweight workouts over lifting actual weights but I figured I needed something else to keep my mind occupied.)

8:30 – Not dead

10:00 – Tumeric and CBD gummy for inflammation. I take them as a supplement but I figure maybe they are helping? I don’t know

10:30 – Schedule 90 minute Trigger Point massage for Tuesday night

11:00 – Not hurting but Advil yesterday seemed to have helped things a lot so trying it out again to see how it impacts things. Also, ice time for 20 mins! (Don’t like taking it generally because I relied on it a lot in the past and it felt unhealthy to take it as much as I did.)

11:30 – Shoot! I left ice on for 30 minutes, a little longer than I should have. Oh well. I’ll ice again later.

2 – Walk around grocery store, cautious as all hell. I’ve been walking VERY slowly, mostly because I’m terrified of overdoing it. I’ve taken off my watch today also, if I see the goal steps I will try to achieve the goal steps. It’s been a lesson in being less competitive lately.

3 – Tennis ball to glutes. God this feels so good, why is literally everything on me so tight? Wants to stretch a little but Googles runners and flexibility. There’s an article I remember reading from the Washington Post about it, about how flexibility is overrated for us. Good reminder, since I’ve been loving the increase in flexibility from yoga lately but need to make sure I don’t take it too far.

5 – Remembers that I didn’t put my ice pack back in the freezer. I got distracted by my work. Puts it back in there but it won’t be cold in time for me to use it again before work.

6 – Dreams about running again as the sun starts to set on the mountain. This blows. I miss it, it’s home! I need it back! Please get better!

And then I forgot to do anything else. And I didn’t sleep as much as I should have. Ah well. I think I had a pretty good day of being focused on my recovery. I have a chiropractor appointment in the morning, hopefully it’ll all work itself out there! I think they in general, I’ve been doing a great job keeping it together, all things considered. Keep the focus!!! Don’t risk more injury! Walk less! Sleep now! Heal!

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