The Other Day – Malibu Running

I went for a long run with an old friend last week! I know this wouldn’t seem like a big deal to most people but for me, it was rare and, because of this, exciting. There aren’t a lot of people who will get out and log big miles with me but I’ve really been tapping into the people who have lately as the streak continues (Day 60) and as I get training for the 100k I registered for. This past week, I put up 4 runs with peers! I think that actually doubles the total amount of runs I’ve put up with other people this year.

Andy got us a little lost along the way (recommendations for new trail runners: download the apps for Trail Run Project, All Trails, and Map My Hike and really study where you’re going) but somehow we managed to hit our intended distance and find a trail back to the car. Phew! Gotta have a good trail sense. The run ended at 15.25 miles and 4,857 feet of gain.

We didn’t actually take a pic together (doh!) but here’s a little photo essay of our run:

  1. Bulldog Trail, passing by the MASH trucks. They filmed the show out there!
  2. View from the top! 7 miles in or so, mountains on mountains on mountains
  3. Castro Motorway – I actually ran this in my Sean O’Brien 50k in Feb!
  4. Finally a view of the ocean from Malibu
  5. An interesting art piece out in nature. I ran through the entire thing 🙂

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